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Video Surveillance 



We are committed to the design, support and service of our client’s surveillance systems. Surveillance systems are an important deterrent of theft. Advantages of a commercial surveillance system for your business include:

  • Complete video records of what takes place at your business

  • The ability to monitor the business location, inside and outside, remotely via a mobile device or computer

  • Increase in staff efficiency, quality control, and reduce shrinkage

  • The ability to use the video evidence for a potential criminal investigation

  • Deterrance of theft

  • Peace of mind: knowing your company’s assets are protected


  • We start with a site survey and design your solution with performance, ease of use and budget in mind. We will not provide a quote without seeing the property as this will never provide an adequate solution for your business.Details taken into consideration are lighting, area of coverage, traffic, necessatry resolution and current network infrastructure.

Dedication to quality

  • You’ll benefit from our knowledge and experience, a number of our competitors have utilized our experience to design their solutions in the past.

  • We only use NDAA compliant equipment as your security comes first.

  • Utilising non compliant solutions not only puts your surveillance at risk, but your entire network as well.


  • We can integrate compatible systems such as access control, telecom and building entry in order to provide a more robust soltion. 

Camera Installation
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